River City Cluster Of Dog Shows

Hosted At The Exposition Hall On The Grounds Of The Freeman Coliseum

Reserved Grooming

No need to rush down and wait in line for a place to set up. You can now reserve your space in advance and have it waiting for you. There are several sizes;

10x10 FT -- $30.00
10x15 FT -- $45.00
10x20 FT -- $60.00
15x20 FT -- $85.00
20x20 FT -- $110.00
20x30 FT -- $160.00

All requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis. Deadline will be June 26, 2016 or when sold out.

The following rules and regulations apply when reserving space;

- All reservations must be in writing on the form provided. All others will be returned. NO telephone, e-mail or Internet request will be accepted. Reservations will be handled on a first come basis. DEADLINE for Reserve Grooming IS June 26, 2016 or when all reserved space has been allocated.

 - Request for a particular space or to be set up near another exhibitor cannot be honored. 

- All rules applying to the regular grooming area will also apply to the reserved spaces. 

- No refunds for any space once reserved. 

- If the reserved grooming area is full, your request and money will be refunded.
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